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The school provides admission to Classes Pre-Nursery to IX and XI on “First come first served basis” for the available seats. Admission to Delhi Public School YNR is granted purely on the basis of the entry requirements like entrance test and subsequent interview of the student, accompanied with parents. 

Children below grade 3 (8 years of age) are not admitted into boarding. Click here to look at the fee structure.

First Day of Classes: 2/April/2018

Last Day of Classes: 28/March/2019

For direct enquiries application form requests and E-applications, please contact the DPS YNR Admissions Office:

DPS YNR Admissions Coordinator
Delhi Public School,
Bhambholi, NH 73, Opp. Power Grid Station,
Ambala Road, Yamuna Nagar 133 103
Haryana, India
Phone: (91) 01732 263213 (switchboard)
(91) 999 200 13400, 98126-29996 (direct)
Web: www.dpsyamunanagar.com
Email: admissions@dpsyamunanagar.com


Looking to enroll your child at DPS? It’s easy! Admission is open to qualified students at all grade levels from Preschool to grade 12, and we accept students for boarding from grade 3. Here’s how to enroll in easy steps:

Step 1: Enquire
We have a rolling admission procedure. All applications are addressed immediately.
Contact the DPS Admissions Office or click here to download the admissions kit

Form I-0 Instructions
Form I-1 Application for admission
Form I-2 Student application

Step 2: Complete and return application
All forms in this kit must be completed by the parents and student(s). We would also like to see the candidate’s academic records for the last year, birth certificate, aadhar card and/or copy of their passport.

Step 3: Schedule visit to DPS YNR
Students who are residents of other cities/countries should visit DPS for testing and interview. During the visit the prospective student and his / her family will meet with the Admissions Officer, the Matron of Residency and be interviewed by a faculty member. He / she will also be required to sit a general aptitude test in any given subject.

Step 4: Track application forms
The School’s Admissions office will contact you each time they receive paperwork from you to ensure that all forms required have been received. The Admissions office requires clear communication directly with the parents / guardians of all prospective students during the entire admissions process. Candidates are welcome to contact the Admissions office regarding concerns or questions.

Step 5: DPS YNR registration
After completion of all paperwork and following the visit, the DPS YNR Admissions Committee will meet to determine if the prospective student has met the criteria to be accepted to Delhi Public School Yamuna Nagar. If an appropriate match has been made, Admissions Coordinator will give their acceptance to the prospective student and his / her parents.

E – Applications

Application Fee:
The application fee is used to cover the courier costs of legal documents for signing. Costs depend on destination, hence the fee variation.

  • Rs 10,000 for students residing in India (Adjustable but non-refundable)
  • Rs 15,000 for students residing outside India (Adjustable but non-refundable)

click here to download the admissions kit

For direct inquires, application form requests and E-applications contact:
Admissions Coordinator
Bhambholi, NH 73, Opp. Power Grid Station,
Ambala Road, Yamuna Nagar 133 103
Haryana, India
Tel: (91) 999 200 13400, 98126-29996, 99920-12228, 99920-04630 (direct lines)
(91) 01732 263213 (switchboard)
E-mail: helpdesk@dpsyamunanagar.com