Art & Craft Room

Arts and crafts for kids are fun for children and the young-at-heart! These art & craft activities cover a wide range of subjects for young artists, future artisanal book makers, potential puppeteers, and more. These aren't just arts and crafts for kids; but also a way to communicate their feelings. The selection of art projects, activities, and ideas also provide excellent inspiration to kids. As their talent for a particular craft improves, they enjoy looking back at earlier creations to see how much they have improved, which boosts their confidence.

While art is an open-ended or ‘unstructured’ activity, crafts are goal oriented or ‘structured’.” And it is this goal oriented part that teaches kids to follow instructions – by following a simple set of steps, in the correct order, they will complete their craft. Crafting also teaches students the consequences if they don’t follow the steps, and why they should do things the right way, first time. An important life lesson.

Working on a craft project together children learn to improve their teamwork, communication and social skills, as they learn to co-operate and communicate to complete their projects.

 DPS Sonepat gives a platform to all its budding artists to display their work in an exhibition and donate its auctioned amount for a social cause.