Give us Your Child and Get Back an All-Rounder

Thousands of students migrate from their hometown to new places to complete their curriculum and courses. It’s essential today more than ever before, students nowadays need complete determination and focus towards studies. At DPS Yamuna Nagar, we ensure to bring quality education to the diligent youths of India. We lead the best day boarding school in Haryana with a vision to provide the top amenities to all our students. Our student develops all-rounder skills to use their gifts and talents.

That is why our teacher at the best day boarding school in Yamunanagar takes 100% responsibility for the day to day running of all houses. Our school is established to enable value-based growth and practice-based learning as well as to nurture the competent young talent of tomorrow. On the other hand, we provide a wholesome and stimulating learning environment. Similar to all other good boarding schools in India, we create excellent surrounding and study facilities to make your child an all- learner. Our student-centered approach puts the learners at the heart of the learning process.

Our campus is spread over acres of land. At the best boarding school in India brings your child one step closer to amazing facilities: -

International Tours (NASA) :

In DPS, International Leadership Adventure Camp is organized by The Singapore Scout Association and Sands Leadership Development Centre. The tour and travel offer a thrilling experience to the students. The tours include overnight adventure camp, ziplining, quick jump etc., under professional supervision.

100% Pollution Free Campus

We understand that pollution today is persistent. Around the world the level of pollution is increasing each year and causing negative impacts on ecosystems and physical health. At our best boarding school therefore we encourage planting more trees and keeping our surroundings very hygienic. This way we keep our campus free from pollution.

100% Quality Food

We are in-align with standards of the top CBSE boarding school in India. At our campus we have banned using any preservative when it comes to preparing food. In other words, our food is prepared using 100% organic and natural food items. Maintaining a good food-quality is the key to unlocking better health. We have trained supervisors administrating the canteen checking each meal before it’s made available to students.

Safety Measures Adopted

In the best boarding school in India we have a well-defined security system. The security aligns with present law and guidelines. We ensure that security compliances are audited so that they stay in accordance with the applicable laws. Our school follows the highest standards of safety and security. We have professional and trained security guards, CCTV coverage, fences and in-house doctors as well as the emergency team.

Easy Connectivity

We have students coming from 20 different states of India and even from several other counties. That’s why we made sure that our hostels are located within easy reach for parents as well as students. We have easy connectivity to all five neighboring states including Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh and Delhi.

Most Advanced Labs

We aim to help our students achieve a right balance between learning and practical’s. That’s why in our best boarding school for Boys and Girls we added amazing new resources, technologies and practice-focused clubs for a more comprehensive transformation towards building a brighter career.

Holistic Development of a Child

Making goals and measuring success is important for overall development. Within the best boarding school in Yamunanagar, you will find successful teachers from around the world. Our great supervisors ensure the holistic development of your child. Our hostels are fully-equipped with all sorts of learning facilities required by a student to acquire competitive knowledge and skills.

Social Activities

Better knowledge, alternative ways of learning and innovation enrich student talent. Within the social exercise they learn to serve their growing interest. Our DPS Interact Club is one of our initiations to instill the leadership skills while discovering the power of ‘Service above self’.

Multicultural Event

We live in a rich country full of different ethnicities and cultures. Our students are all-rounder performers and well-versed with a spectrum of beliefs and unique traditions. We all respect diversity and believe in unity. At the best day boarding school in Yamunanagar, we make sure that you get a thriving environment.

World Class Sport Facilities

“Give us your child and get back an All-Rounder” at the best boarding school in India. We believe that physical fitness is the key to unlock better academic performance. In today's, fast-paced world it is essential to help students develop a balanced body and mind. Because when you are physically fit, you achieve more in life including better grades. We BCCI made cricket pitch as well as national lawn tennis tournaments held at DPS YNR.

Largest Cricket Pitches

We all love cricket! With more seats, more pitches and more space in the dressing room - in our top boarding school in India we go with a vision to mega-everything. Together with it we have an active cricket coaching for personal overall well-being. We focus on fostering each child to follow his/her passion for sports.

Biggest Football Ground in North India

Do you want your child to reach peak performance? Do you want to see your child among the winners? Then boost your child team spirit and their ability to work in collaboration with others will improve. We have the biggest football ground to assist your child in developing unique talent in our day boarding school in Yamunanagar.

Olympic Level Tennis Court

Young champions get all the care and encouragement from their certified sports teacher and trained supervisor. The support helps in developing qualities like leadership as well as teamwork skills. In our private boarding schools in India, we allow access to tennis courts, swimming pools, and shooting range etc. Our trainers will help your child to get specifically trained for competitions.

As per scientific studies, our boarding school students have higher success rates in college as well as in adult life. Around 50% of the day boarding school students also go for their advanced degree in comparison to only 21% of public school students. The boarding school students also have a high chance of achieving top managerial positions. Some of the other benefits for students in day boarding school in Yamunanagar includes: -

24/7 Learning Environment

The private boarding school in India brings your child one step close to an immersive vibrant learning environment. Your child growth and development depends on many factors. Our boarding school offers cutting-edge facilities as well as a richer curriculum. The day boarding school in Yamunanagar is a perfect place to unlock potential, in other words, students can gain ample opportunities. The dynamic learning environment also allows the student to fully discover their strength, talents and skills.

Experts Guidance

Trained faculty at top boarding school for boys and girls keeps an interactive momentum. That said, under the watchful but nurturing gaze of faculty, students have “zero chance” of negative behavior or exposure to any kind of bad influence. All our teachers are experienced and experts. They encourage the student to build an exceptional moral character. Also, students learn the importance of being responsible for their actions. Moreover, they gain essential independent living skills.

Our students learn how to be the all-rounder performer. The best boarding school in Haryana is a “home away from home” for a student where they gain essential skills and education. Students here cultivate social skills, learn to communicate, cooperate and solve problems. Give your child the best experience of the top boarding school in India.