Director's Message

“Education is the all drawing out of the best in child and man- body, mind and spirit” - Mahatma Gandhi." DPS-Yamunanagar represents a cross section of the society and is a rich blanket of multi cultural diversity. Children come to us from varied cultural, social, racial and religious backgrounds. Within school they learn to live together as one big family, regardless of their roots and create newer and stronger bonds with each other that will last with them throughout life.

Our curriculum is designed to ensure that all students achieve to the very best of their ability. Lessons are tailored to meet the needs of all learners and are engaging, fast paced and full of fun. We encourage debate, discussion and questions for our teachers. Students are taught skills and strategies to help them become effective, independent, resilient learners which prepares them for the different stages of school life and beyond.We offer an outstanding subject knowledge that maximises their social, moral, spiritual and cultural development.

Our House system organises our young students into four learning and supportive communities; each led by an experienced House Master (HM) who ensure everyone settles into school life well and has the support and care one deserve. .

DPS-Yamunanagar is a richly resourced and stimulating place to work, learn and achieve. We pride ourselves on the additional opportunities we provide to students; learning inside the classroom is the key to success but we also believe that so much more can be learnt beyond the classroom.

However, we are never complacent and we are constantly looking for ways to improve, in order to serve our families and the community with the very best education. I am confident that we will, with the support of our community, continue to thrive and prosper. We are ambitious for our students and I trust that you and your child wish to be part of the success story which is DPS-Yamunanagar. .

Mr. P. S. Rana