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Way back in 2007, our foundation document was created with this goal: “to develop DPS into an autonomous, multicultural, multinational school in mission to cater to children and parents of all communities of Indian and international society, providing an opportunity for a quality education coupled with a specially designed opportunity for deepened spiritual development.” As you can see, we were a truly international school right from the beginning.

DPS Mission Statement

Child is the center of all we do at DPS YNR so that they’re empowered to deal effectively with the problems prevailing among the youth today. The motto of the school “Service Before Self” is a constant reminder that we should serve selflessly, graciously and with love because there is a greater pleasure in giving than receiving. The sole aim of school is to build up character and capability of a child for responding to the challenges of life with love and faith in god.

In a nutshell, DPS is known not only for exclusive but also inclusive education as it caters education to children belonging to every strata of society. We work towards one purpose to help students develop lives of significance for themselves and for others.

DPS Values

The following principles guide our community life:

  • Accountability
  • Appreciation
  • Concern for Others
  • Consistency
  • Context
  • Cooperation
  • Integrity
  • Openness
  • Performance
  • Reverence