Principal's Message

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.” “Real champions fight through adversity.”Such an unprecedented effort on the part of Delhi public school - Yamunanagar, they emerged like a Phoenix and delivered in such torrid times . As you all know that we are battling under most tiring circumstances, virtually the entire world is under siege due to Covid-19 pandemic. It has virtually crippled and incapacitated the normal working of the educational organisations all over the world.

I took this as a challenge and like a Brigadier commanding its regiment, I was firm and resolute that our students will not be deprived of quality education. Neither any contagion like Covid -19 or Government Lockdown restrictions will ever restrict us from delivering our solemn duties.

I devised a multi pronged strategy and under the contingency measure, took a major decision to have an uninterrupted flow of education through the latest technological applications. I made sure that our teachers are deeply entrenched and equipped with the latest technological advancement. I am thrilled to know that they have taken to technology like fish take to the water.

Whether it was You tube videos or zoom classes initially, followed by the induction of Google Meet classes and Google classroom the transformation was just phenomenal. Track record of every student in the class was closely monitored, analysed and the first hand report was exchanged with the parents . The student graph, his performances were thoroughly analysed and discussed.

I feel that the timely intervention by the school management to make technology as our key component worked in our favour. We have successfully completed our Unit exams and completion of the syllabus is going on as per the schedule. Our teachers are working around the clock and have been vigilant and proactive in resolving all the doubts of our students .

A well established and credible organisation like DPS - YNR creates opportunities In adversities. We relish every situation and circumstances and deliver the very best through our unwavering, relentless and sustained efforts.

Mr B.Murali