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We’re a co-educational, international residential school with above 1250 students from over 15 states. We take in students from Preschool to grade 12, though residential students are accepted only from grade 3 and up. CBSE curricular programs run in parallel and are taught through the mediums of Elementary, Middle and High School.

Student Achievements

We have a ‘holistic’ philosophy of education that is evident from our curriculum. Our students achieve laurels in a wide variety of arenas, from academic to music, art to cultural, social service and environmental commitment. DPS YNR students consistently achieve higher results. Our students participate in a variety of global experiences such as Model United Nations and multi-disciplinary exchanges, conferences, and competitions all over the country.

We believe…

  • Empowered students are vehicles for positive change in their school and community
  • Student leaders have the responsibility to be positive role models
  • Student councils play a vital role in preserving knowledge of and practice in the democratic process
  • Leadership training programs are essential to allow developing leaders to achieve their full potential
  • Involvement in state and national programs enhances the local school’s leadership development program
  • Student council programs are stronger when all students are encouraged to participate
  • Every secondary school should have a student council